K9 Cleaners

K9 Cleaners  Pet Grooming  

Grooming Price Guide 2020


Airdale from £50


Basset Hound £35

Beagle £30

Bearded Collie From £60

Bichion Pet Clip £40

Bichion Scissor From £60

Border Collie From £40

Border Terrier Pet Clip From £40

Boarder Terrier Hand Strip From £60

Boxer £40

British Bull Dog £35

Bull Terrier £30


Cain Terrier From £40

Cavalier King Charles From £40

Cavashon From £40

Cavapoo From £40

Chihuahua Short Coat £30

Chihuahua Long Haired From £35

Chinese Crested Powder Puff From £40

English Cocker Spaniel From £45

Working Cocker From £40

American Cocker Pet Clip From £40

Cocker Hand Strip From £65

Cockerpoo From £40

Collie (Smooth) £35

Collie (Rough) From £45

Corgi From £35

Cotton De Tulear From £40


Dachshund Short Haired £30

Dachsund Long Haired From £35

Dalmation £40

Dandi Dinmont Pet Clip From £40

Dandi Dinmont Hand Strip From £70

Deerhound From £50

Doberman £35


Fox Terrier Clipped From £40

Fox Terrier Hand Stripped From £70


German Shepherd Short Haired £50

German Shepherd Long Haired from £60

German Wire Haired Pointer £45

Golden Retriever From £50

Goldendoodle From £60

Great Dane From £40

Greyhound From £35


Irish Water Spaniel  From £45

Irish Wolf Hound From £60

Italian Greyhound £30

Italian Spinone From £55

Italian Spinone Hand Strip From £95


Jack Russell Short Haired £30

Jack Russell Long Haired From £40

Japanese Chin from £40


Keeshound From £50

Kerry Blue From £45


Labradoodle Mini From £40

Labradoodle Standard From £60

Labrador £35

Lakeland Terrier from £40

Lurcher £35

Lhasa Apso Pet Clip From £40


Maletese £40

Maltipoo £40


Norfolk Terrier From £40

Norwich Terrier Pet Clip From £40


Old English Sheepdog From £60


Papillon From £40

Pointer £35

Poodle Toy Pet Clip From £40

Poodle Miniature Pet Clip From £50

Poodle Standard Pet Clip From £65

Pomeranian From £40

Pug £35


Rhodesian Ridgeback £45

Rottweiler from £45


Schnauzer Miniature From £40

Schnauzer Standard From £50

Schnauzer Giant  From £60

Scottish Terrier From £40

Shih Tzu Pet Clip From £40

Springer Spaniel £40

Staffordshire Bull Terrier From £30


Tibetan Terrier From £40


Weimaraner £35

West Highland Terrier Pet Clip £40


Yorkshire Terrier From £40

Yorkiepoo From £40

Puppy Groom 

For Puppy up to the age of Six months £20 or ask about our puppy package.

What Does you Dog Groom Include:

Wash (Using only professional grooming products)

Dry (Using Dryers and high volatility blasters. NB We do not use drying Cabinets )

De-shed (Removal dead and loose hair)

Sanitary Clean (when requested)

Clipping and scissor work (breed specific)

Nail Clipping 

Ear and eye Cleaning ( with Professional ear and eye cleaner)

Ear Plucking 

Professional Dog fragrance 

Please Note:

All the Above prices are a guide and we will Assume that you dog(s) are in good health, free from fleas, ticks and worms the coat is brushed and free from Knots and Mats.

The dog will be allowed Sufficient time to toilet before there appointment and will arrive on time and collected promptly when called or text.